Charles River Spring 2015 Part 2

Spring Charles River; Charles River Pictures, Boston, April 2015, Part 2. この写真の桜は、ボストンのチャールズ川で最も美しい景色


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Early Spring on the Charles River Boston

Early Spring Charles River; Charles River Pictures, Boston, April 2015. この写真の桜は、ボストンのチャールズ川で最も美しい景色

Sun bursting through the clouds

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April 26, 2015 - spring arrived a bit late in Boston - but no complaints now!!


West Suburban YMCA 2014 trophy


Ran this fun Angio Fall 5K and won the Hardest Costume to Run In trophy.


Spring 2014 Pictures


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Cherry Blossom Pictures on the Charles River, Boston, Sakura、桜 (Spring 2014)

Cherry Blossom & Charles River Pictures, Boston, Spring 2014. この写真の桜は、ボストンのチャールズ川で最も美しい景色

Wet flowers remove the dreariness.

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Talia’s flute recital @ the Scandinavian Living Center in Newton


Ryo’s Soccer Season and the Epic Goal

Ryo and the Newton Bolts traveling soccer team (U10) season’s just about over.  Below are a couple of pictures from 2 of the games. And at the bottom is an audio commentary containing Ryo’s memories from the Medfield vs Newton game held on November 3, 2013.

Ryo Team Picture after the Medfield game

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Ryo’s soccer game commentary


Buffalo Burgers

Buffalo Burger

This buffalo burger recipe is really tender and great tasting.  Buffalo meat has less cholesterol, fat, and fewer calories when compared to beef or chicken meat – and it keeps you feeling full hours afterwards.    It’s also nice to know that Buffalo (or “American Bison“) meat is not flooded/grown with all those crappy hormones. Plus they actually eat grass like nature always meant.

Ever see one of those cow feedlots?  Just disgusting.

Well – here is a great recipe if anyone is interested: Read more


Pictures from August/September 2013

Album below lists several pictures of from the grandparents house, 6 flags, fencing tournament, and some other random shots..

Talia in the Grandparents hottub

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Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Photos

Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. Celebration at the Top of the Hub in Boston MA – July 20, 2013.

The food, the wine, the view...

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What else happened on July 20, 1963?  Well, Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the Moon.  But of course,  But of course – that one event that affected all of us that year was:

July 20, 1963

Sharon Hammond
James Vanderpool